Priscilla F. Harmanus
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Donderdag 19 november 2020

Openlijk, liefdevol, intiem en seksueel

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Doing lines of a mirror originated with models coking themselves senseless and forgetting who they were, the mirror came into play to bring a philosophical spin on the whole act of partaking in coke. The models would look into the little mirror while they snorted their lines and mull over the question "who am I? Why am I?" And after four seconds they wouldn't care, and they could check to make sure they didn't have any sugar spots on their noise.

 By Ted Septum March 01, 2009

Something that takes from the top of the world to the bottom of the barrel.  Bottom of the barrel: a term that describes the least desirable item to choose from when there are a number of things to choose from.

Chicken problem solution

Why did the chicken cross the road?Chicken problem solution

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