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Chapter 1. Introduction - How I Discovered Free Software and met RMS

Richard Stallman Talks About Ubuntu | Ubuntu The Spyware

Microsoft buys Github

GNU GPL and Linux

History of Wikipedia

Jimmy Wales | Wikipedia founder | Jimmy Wales, who co-founded wikipedia,

Richard M. Stallman (RMS) | scientist, software activist and Software developer | Known for 

Eric S. Raymond ~ esr

Linus B. Torvalds | scientist

Dirk-Willem Van Gulik

Richard M. Stallman

Brenno De Winter

Theo de Raadt

Guido van Rossum

Bryan Behlendorf

Brian Aker

Lawrence Lessig

Eben Moglen

Minister Mark Rutte en open source | Binnenlandse Zaken (AZ)

Geert Wilders en open source

Minister Hugo de Jonge op GitHub (Ministerie van Volksgezondheid en 

Minister Raymond Knops en overheidssoftware

Minister Stef Blok en Blockchain

Michael Widenius

Ton Roosendaal

Lawrence Rosen

php mysql blender to be continued




Stallman's Law


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